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am samuel bible study

Pastor(Captian) A.M. Samuel (1939 – May 15, 2012) is the founder president of the Maranatha Ministries International . This ministry had its humble origin in the early 1970’s in a small village called Garhi, which is close to the town of Udhampur, in the Jammu and Kashmir state, and now by the grace of God it has spread to different parts of the globe.

Maranatha Ministries International is an umbrella Organization, working towards the perfection of the Body of Christ all over the world. We are known in India as the North Western Region of the Indian Pentecostal Church of God. Our International headquarters is based in Jammu Tawi, in the state of Jammu & Kashmir, India.

  • am samuel bible study

    • WatchBible class-2010-(intro)
    • WatchBible class-2010-(part-1)
    • WatchBible class-2010-(part-2)
    • WatchBible class 2010-(part-3)
    • WatchBible class-2010-(part-4)
    • WatchBible class-2010-(part-5)
    • WatchBible class-2010-(part-6)
    • WatchBible class-2010-(part-7)
    • WatchBible class-2010-(part-8)
    • WatchBible class-2010-(part-9)
    • WatchBible class-2010-(part-10)
    • WatchBible class-2010-(part-11)
    • WatchBible class-2010-(part-12)
    • WatchBible class-2010-(part-13)
    • WatchBible class-2010-(part-14)
    • WatchBible class-2010-(part-15)
    • WatchBible class-2010-(part-16)
    • WatchBible class-2010-(part-17)
    • WatchBible class-2010-(part-18)
    • WatchBible class-2010-(part-19)
    • WatchBible class-2010-(part-20)
    • WatchBible class-2010-(part-21)
    • WatchBible class-2010-(part-22)
    • WatchBible class-2010-(part-23)
    • WatchBible class-2010-(part-24)
    • WatchBible class-2010-(part-25)
    • WatchBible class-2010-(part-26)
    • WatchBible class-2010-(part-27)
    • WatchBible class-2010-(part-28)
    • WatchBible class-2010-(part-29)
    • WatchBible class-2010-(part-30)
    • WatchBible class-2010-(part-31)
    • WatchBible class-2010-(part-32)
    • WatchBible class-2010-(part-33)
    • WatchBible class-2010-(part-34)
    • WatchBible class-2010-(part-35)
    • WatchBible class-2010-(part-36)
    • WatchBible class-2010-(part-37)
    • WatchBible class-2010-(part-38)
    • WatchBible class-2010-(part-39)
    • WatchBible class-2010-(part-40)
    • WatchBible class-2010-(part-41)
    • WatchBible class-2010-part-42)
    • WatchBible class-2010-part-43)
    • WatchBible class-2010-part-44)
    • WatchBible class-2010-part-45)
    • WatchBible class-2010-part-46)
    • WatchBible class-2010-part-47)
    • WatchBible class-2010-part-48)
    • WatchBible class-2010-part-49)

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