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A personal account Of Benny Hinn’s Crusades

The following is the testimony of someone who witnessed Benny Hinn’s healing crusade in Orlando Florida in Dec, 2003 and had serious concerns about it. The following testimony is included in it’s entirety.

I actually went to this Benny Hinn “crusade” thing a couple months ago when it was in Orlando Florida. I am very mixed about what took place. There were some things that were “right on” with the word of God and a message of salvation and an alter call to give ones life to Christ was preached and done well. There was reading and studying of scripture and lots of time spent praising the Lord and singing songs to the Lord.

So some things went on that were “right on” in my book. Then some things took place that were well….lets just say I left early.

Near the end of the service some things took place that I didn’t feel right about. I believe that at least “some” deception is being used in the area of the portrayal of these so called miracle healings.

I know for a fact that not everything that the Benny Hinn ministry wanted people to believe had happened was real.

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Pastor benny hinn messages you surely have been an inspiration to many and God uses your ministry to strengthen and encourage us all who believe in Jesus our Lord.

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