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Christmas Messages

Download all audio These Christmas messages were preached at Flagstaff Christian Fellowship through the years. Audio and manuscripts are available for each lesson.

Two additional Christmas messages may be located in other message series:

For permission to reproduce/distribute these resources from Steve Cole (including the Word document and audio files found on the individual lesson pages below) please see’s ministry friendly copyright and permissions page. Likewise, to reproduce/distribute PDF/audio versions of his messages which may be found on Flagstaff Christian Fellowship’s website see their permission statement.

blessie wesly biography

Dr. John wesly was born and brought up in a Good Christian family. His parents Pastor Joseph Vijaya Kumar and Satya Vijaya Kumar got saved from Hindu backgrounds and they established Christ Worship Centre in the year 1980 in Rajahmundry, India.

Dr. John wesly had a vision and accepted Lord Jesus Christ as his personal saviour at the age of fifteen. He wanted to do a job a earn money and support his parent’s ministry until he received a higher call from God through Haggai 2:23. He waited on the Lord patiently and when he was sure of His calling in various ways, he dedicated himself and started ministry at a very young age of 19. He recognized that God called him to shine the light of his love, salvation and deliverance into the people’s lives so that they can be free to enjoy their God- given inheritance.

Dr. John wesly is the founder and director of Young Holy Team where thousands of young men get counseled and accept the Lord as their personal Saviour. They not only get rid of their addictions but also take a decision to help others come to the Lord by sharing Gods love. The Lord spoke to him from Psalm 110:3, before he named it as Young Holy Team.

He is an enthusiastic preacher, singer and composer. He travelled hundreds of villages and cities with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and won thousands of souls for God already. God took him to more than 32 countries to share His word. His preaching has a unique concept and presentation. He preaches not only in large crusades but also in streets and marketplaces.

He has composed many beautiful and melodious songs enriched with love of God which transforms the minds and hearts of those who hear them. God enables him to write books and articles which impact people to make good decisions for God. He writes articles for the Christian news papers and a magazine called Krupa Vaartha- Bible Wonders which has been reaching, touching and teaching many lives and homes.

He makes Christian short films, documentaries and showing them in the rural and urban areas captivating the minds of many people and leading them into the love of Christ. The scientific and historical proofs about the bible shown by him in the meetings have brought astonishing number of non-Christians and atheists into Christ.

He preaches in “Christ Worship Centre” where many people are experiencing the power of God. He helps his father Pastor. Joseph Vijaya kumar in every aspect by giving his full cooperation.

He encourages students to study well and he himself set up a good example by completing his Masters degree in mathematics. He completed his Doctorate in theology from Newburgh Theological University, Indiana, USA and was awarded Honorary Doctorates from World renowned universities for his fruitful ministry. His teachings encourage everyone to meditate the Bible as he portrays the importance of this holy book in a magnificent manner along with scientific, historical and philosophical truths. His desire to reach the masses through the media led him to start a program called Bible Wonders which has not only attracted a lot to Christ but also instincts them to read this precious Word daily. After hearing him talk many educated professionals started reading the Bible.

In the year 2012, He got married to Blessie Selah, a Pastor’s daughter who worked with TCS, Denver, USA. She is also committed for the ministry of God. Almighty God blessed her with lot of Spiritual gifts. She resigned her secured Job in America and serving the Lord full time along with Dr Wesly. God blessed both of them with two daughters Dhanya (Chelsy) and Felsy.

Dr John Wesly is the founder and Chairman of John Wesly international Ministries, Young Holy Team, Bible Wonders Media Ministries, Gospel Explosion, Divine Wisdom Bible College, Dhanya Charitable Trust, John Wesly Foundation and Shekena Publications. He constantly encourages young people to use their spiritual gifts in the ministry of God. He believes that GOD always uses ordinary people to accomplish extra ordinary tasks.