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What is Easter really about history, meaning and facts

Easter is considered as God’s divine surprise in the form of new life, it is considered a very holy and special day as Lord Jesus Christ rose from death bed after three days of crucifixion. It is celebration with great joy and happiness all over the world symbolizing love and faith. People celebrate in different ways and means in different parts of the world. Few people follow a routine of offering prayer and services on Easter day and also greet people and meet them in the mass prayers. On the other hand, people usually associate Easter with Easter eggs and Easter Bunny.

The story behind this distribution of eggs and rabbit bringing eggs is that people relate breaking of eggs as the opening of tomb and new life of Jesus Christ and rabbit bringing eggs, gifts, toys in a basket as a way of celebration and expressing happiness that the good time is here. They consider this practice as a way of tribute and holy tradition. Ironically there is no where mention about the Easter eggs and bunny in the holy bible recorded. People also misinterpret eggs as symbol of Easter.

Now days, Easter eggs distribution, distribution of chocolate eggs and decorated eggs have become a fashion in the present era. Technology is the sway of the modernization; in this busy world people really don’t have much time to meet people in person. So they prefer to wish everybody over messages and calls. They send everybody Easter wishing messages over social media or through some messaging apps.

People send different Easter wishing greetings which are very unique and different. The more creative is your Easter message the better effective it is. Specially in friends there is somewhere a kind of competition going on for who sends the best Easter wishes for friends, there are different small videos , images wishing people Easter, different messages explaining meaning of Easter and many more. Now all the buzz of as to how and where to get Easter happy messages is over.

One stop solution to all your Easter related wishes, messages problems is here. You are at the right page which displays different Easter messages, greetings, Easter Sunday messages, Easter message for friends and so on. You will get the best collection of all the unique and most creative Easter greetings. Choose the best which fits your purpose of message and make this Easter more effective and happy. You can access to any of the messages and spread it across to express your love and happiness on this day. It may also interest you to know that the Easter messages given in the bible may also add to your values and help you grow as a better person. This Easter make a meaningful one by knowing the actual cause of celebration and acknowledge the fact and enlighten your life by the words of Gospel. Christian Portal wishes all its readers a happy and meaningful Easter

Original meaning of easter story for children’s church

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