PJ.Stephen Paul Messages

PJ.Stephen Paul Messages

P.J.Stephen Paul

Bro. (P.J.Stephen Paul) has received a higher calling from God when he was at the age of 16 and was anointed by the Holy Spirit.

According to God’s call on his life, he surrendered completely his life to God in his very childhood, and was filled with lot of Compassion and great Burden for Souls perishing in this world. God Gave him the Ministry of the Holy Spirit, which is leading in a victorious and a powerful way to reach out for the souls in India and in many countries. By His Grace and Mercy Bro P.J.Stephen Paul is able to preach the Deep Insights from the Word of God, which can be easily understood by a common man.

God gave Bro.Stephen Paul a ministry named after HOLY GHOST FIRE P.J. STEPHEN PAUL MINISTRIEShere in India. Through this Ministry, thousands and thousands of people are being healed Spiritually, Physically and are being strengthened in their Spirit by the Word of God, preached by Bro. Stephen Paul. Many people who are being possessed by evil / demonic spirits are being delivered from them by the help of the Holy Spirit. Bro. Stephen Paul’s Ministry is able to reach out the people by organizing Jesus Christ Gospel meetings, Healing Crusades at various remote interior villages, towns and cities. Word of God is preached to them, and new prayer centers are being established respectively at various places.

God has given him a special ministry to give effective biblical training and guidance to those who are called for serving the Lord. The ministry establishes servants of God at respective Prayer centers, and they are being continually encouraged by the Word of God to work towards an effective Ministry for the Lord.

Ministries among Women are being done through, Women Prayer Conferences and Retreats. Women’s Workshop’s are playing a key role in this ministry, helping them to discover Biblical principles through innovative Bible study with relevant teaching from woman’s point of perspective and emphasizing them on the Primary role of Women in building their families.

A Powerful Ministry among Youth is being done by giving them clear Biblical guidance, in different aspects of their personal life. Moreover encouraging and strengthening them to deepen their Walk with God. As a ministry, we are committed to raising up the next generation of young people to be all God intended them to be.

All night Prayer and Fasting meetings are being organized for different fellowships and ministries, guiding and praying for them to be strengthened in their Prayer lives.

The Ministry is now operating a ‘24 Hrs Prayer Team Ministry.’ Our Prayer team is prepared to receive people who are in troubles and sorrows and to pray for their needs.

God has Shown His Grace, and opened the doors for HOLY GHOST FIRE P.J. STEPHEN PAUL MINISTRIES to reach out to many people for proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ through Television by a Programme named DAIVA SANNIDHI which is being telecasted in different T.V Channels

Thousands of people are blessed spiritually, healed physically by agreeing in the Prayers of Br.P.J.Stephen Paul. The Ministry is receiving many phone calls and letters and emails expressing their testimonies and the work of God in their personal lives through this Television Ministry.

God Bless You & You’re Family

Yours Bro in Christ.


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