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Theodore Austin-Sparks: on his life and work

THEODORE AUSTIN-SPARKS, best known as TAS to those of us who knew and loved him, was a preacher and teacher who lived and worked for most of his life in the Forest Hill District of southeast London, England. With a high view of the Bible as the word of God, coupled with an exceptional ability to draw out its secrets, he profoundly influenced many lives and left a legacy of proven Spirit-anointed ministry that continues, in new ways, to challenge and inspire Christians today.

TAS was born into a London family group of which only his mother was a believer, and when he was sent away from her influence to his father’s relatives in Scotland, his school years became very lonely. Christian life for Theo began there, on a street in Glasgow, in 1906. He was 17 at the time and his attention was arrested by some young people who were sharing their Christian experience in an open air meeting. Before the day was over he had committed his life to Christ. Within a short time he was giving his personal testimony alongside the same group of young people. He returned to London soon after his conversion and became involved in the life of the evangelical community there. When the Torrey-Alexander Missionary team came to London to hold meetings in the Albert Hall, Theo gave them enthusiastic support. Unfortunately, his interests and activities were met with disapproval and strong opposition from his father, to the point where he had to leave home and find his way in life without parental help.

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