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The Father of modern Christian Evangelism” Billy Graham has played a prominent role in serving Christianity. He is considered one of the best Evangelists since date by many authorities. In his service, he has preached almost up to 185 countries and won the heart of everybody where ever he went. He was the first child and eldest child born to his parents who were into farming. His dad forced him and his siblings to drink alcohol till they became sick, this led him to hatred and aversion against such products, things changed in his life in 1934, when he was 16 years old and got converted and accepted by Church. He served Christianity till his last breath at the age of 99 years.

His work got so much recognition that he earned his nickname as “America’s Pastor”. He was a famous preacher who conducted large indoor and outdoor rallies and sermons which use to get broadcasted on radio and television. Moreover, he was involved in many media and publishing outlets. He has the power to win hearts of millions and show and guide people in the path of righteousness and correctness.

“Accept Jesus Christ as personal savior” was started by Billy Graham only and propagated the same and invited people to accept it. According to the sources and staff more than 3.2 million people have accepted his invitation for this. He was also a spiritual advisor for President of United states from 33rd and so and this shows the caliber of his power and influential quality. His sermons are one of the most loved and renounced once.

Billy Graham’s crusades were also a major contribution in bringing about a change in people. They have become very famous and have greater influential capacity. provides you with all the audio and video related to Billy Graham and you are at the right place. We are considered to have one of the best database and collection of Billy Graham Sermons, Billy Graham Crusades, Enduring classics by Billy Graham and many more. “The Power of cross” given by Billy Graham which a sermon for Jesus Christ put on cross and all about the crucifixion has moved people emotionally and touched hearts of many people. Billy Graham had great potential and was one of the best Evangelists known till date, to learn from his Endeavour of life we also have Billy Graham books which you can also download in pdf format as Billy Graham books pdf.

One of the best work by Billy Graham is “The reason for my hope salvation”, which highlights on the question of who will refuse rescue? The answer to this question is very interesting and mind blowing. You can access all this also at this page. So friends what are you waiting for/ Go ahead and listen to your favorite sermons which are just a click away. Christianportal greets all his readers an enriching and pleasant experience. Keep watching.

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