Bishop Ernest Komanapalli & Rachel

Both Ernest and Rachel were born and raised in India. In 1966, while working in the United States, the Komanapallis began Manna International by supporting two pastors from their own income.

In 1969, Miriam Children’s Home was started with 2 children. Ernest was Director of Community School in Providence, Rhode Island and Rachel was teaching in the Early Childhood Education Center at Barrington College.

They were called to full time ministry in 1971 and resigned their jobs to return to India.

Since 1966, “Manna has grown to 1400 congregations, 38 children home with 3500 children under care, 4 Bible schools, 15 elementary and high schools, 2 vocational schools, 1 Junior College, 1 accredited degree college, 1 accredited Teacher training college, 30 bed hospital, 3 clinics, treatment center for leprosy patients, TV, Radio, Christian Film, Literature and Music ministry”. In addition to ministry, teaching, housing, clothing and health care, Manna International reaches out the communities by building homes, sanitation facilities, drilling wells for fresh water and through relief activities that help victims of natural calamities and then helps them rebuild their lives..