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Pastor Samuel Rajkumar Patta is a powerful, prophetic minister of the Word of God. As a young man he was radically born again and filled with the Spirit, and ever since the prophetic gifts have also been evident in his life. Despite being reluctant in the area of public speaking as a child, God has raised up Pastor Patta to be a strong voice, gifted and anointed to preach the Word of God with “signs following.”

One of the major foundations of Pastor Patta’s ministry and life is strong confidence, trust, and faith in the Word of God. After being amazingly healed of a severe asthmatic condition, his faith in God’s Word to heal all sickness and disease became a strong core belief. This has been a driving force in both his life and ministry and God has honored his faith with great increase. Bringing a culture of love, grace, faith and kingdom dominion, all are impacted by the words of this man of God, as he preaches with boldness and authority.

Planting a church in 1984, Pastor Patta began to travel, first to New Zealand and then the U.S. It was here in the U.S, he received the revelation that, through faith, God wants to bless, increase, and bring prosperity in every area of life through the promises of His Word. This life changing truth has greatly impacted Pastor Patta, The King’s Temple Church and many others as a result. In the year 2004, Pastor Patta returned to Hyderabad to help rebuild, restore and regroup the church, which had dwindled in numbers to just eighty people. God was not finished with the church; this was the dawn of a new era and a season of restoration.

The King’s Temple was re-launched in March of 2004.Since that time, The King’s Temple has grown drastically and now numbers over 7,000 members, with testimonies being shared weekly of God’s healing power, provision, restoration, and financial blessing.

The King’s Temple runs six services through the week, three services on Sunday morning and two extension services on Sunday evening and a Friday night service. Every week people come from all over the city from long distances and many from other towns and cities.

Pastor Raj now oversees a network of about 60 churches throughout Andhra Pradesh state. He regularly appears on television and God is raising him up to be a voice in the city and a light to the nation. God is doing great things through His servant, Pastor Samuel Rajkumar Patta, and the best is yet to come.

Having grown up in a Methodist background, in 1986 Pastor Merlyn came to faith and was filled with the Spirit under the ministry of Pastor Patta. The result was an immediate loss of desire for the things of the world and a hunger for God’s word. The Lord has also developed in her a wonderful heart for people and she desires to see their lives transformed. Bringing a valuable prophetic element, the prophetic gifts flow freely through her, giving hope and building faith in all those who hear.

Pastor Samuel and Pastor Merlyn were married in 1988. Ever since, God has continually confirmed the prophetic word that ‘the jug of oil will never run dry and the jar of flour will never run out’. Although they have had some financially stressful times, because they have never touched their tithe or eaten their seed the Lord has provided for them in every situation, as Pastor Merlyn testifies. As a couple they have continually been recipients of the Lord’s favor and blessing, including being blessed with two children, Steven & Deborah.

Traveling with Pastor Samuel to New Zealand and the US, Pastor Merlyn returned with him in 2004 to begin the work of restoring the church in Hyderabad, convinced that where there had been dead lives, God would bring forth new green shoots. It is at this time, God began to release her in the Word of Knowledge. She has seen many people dramatically healed, set free and caused to prosper as the word has been released over their lives.

God has raised up Pastor Merlyn to stir the people of God in worship through scriptural exhortation, and to release the prophetic word over the congregation. Having a heart for people, the Lord has also used her in counseling and encouragement to many individuals. She also hosts a TV show entitled ‘Look What The Lord Has Done’, in which she interviews people as they testify to the goodness of God in their lives. Pastor Merlyn has been blessed and has become a blessing in the lives of many individuals and we know God will continue to bless her and use her in mighty and powerful ways to build His Kingdom.

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