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Lent meaning:

Lent is not just a word but it incorporates Whole Ocean of feelings. It is starts from Ash Wednesday just before 40 days from Easter. This period is dedicated to Jesus Christ in remembrance of his sacrifice and good deeds done for the people. Lent is derived from the English word called “lengthen” which usually describes about those days which are long in spring. This word is taken because Lord Jesus Christ had fasted for 40 days when he was in dessert which was known through the word of Gospel. Lent with itself brings a period where people usually repent for their sins, penance, indulge in mortifying the flesh which means people give any one of their bad quality and abstain from their most favorite thing, alms giving and self denial.

People generally commit to fasting and prefer to do all good and kind deeds and abstain from taking privileges and luxuries. It is not only limited to this, people even at times make a routine dedicated for Jesus Christ like reading bible everyday or going church every day. Different people have different ways and means of celebration, like few people even observe this event and decide to go to dessert same like Jesus Christ who had suffered and had to be fasting for long 40 days. On the other hand people use symbols like color violet is used to drape in the church remembering the pain Lord Jesus Christ had to go through for sins of people. People offer special mass prayers where lent sermons are spoken to purify the soul and ask for forgievnance.

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