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The Godly Home Series l Denny Kenaston

Here is a video about Raising Godly Children by Denny Kenaston. I hope to be posting more videos by Denny K. on this subject. It was recently told to me that there are some who have had questions about the right ways of disciplining children. Denny K. has had years of experience with his own children, & gained much from it. He shares the wisdom he’s gained in these videos as well as his book that I have copied a review from (see below). For those who are not familiar with Denny K. he recently passed on from this life. Praise the Lord for his zeal & dedication to leave behind these helpful resources. Denny K. was very enthusiastic in delivering his messages; i hope it will not be a hindrance to any from hearing his message. He has also put together a book (for those who prefer to read).

The Pursuit of Godly Seed

It has been over fifteen years since Denny Kenaston first preached the series of messages known as “The Godly Home.” Since then, tens of thousands of copies of this message have been sent out across the country and around the world. Through the years, countless testimonies of changed lives and new beginnings have flooded the tape ministry, giving glory to God. These testimonies bear record that God is still fulfilling the promise that was given in the very last words of the Old Testament: “And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.” (Mal 4:6)

Yorrie’s life came crashing to a halt when his father died, and he drank heavily. In this DVD, Yorrie tells how through tragic circumstances through his life, God was drawing him ‘like a dog on a long lead — God was winding in the lead!’.

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denny kenaston sermons

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    • Watch01 Welcome by Brother Denny and Sister Jackie Kenaston
    • Watch02 The Holy Art of Training Children by Denny Kenaston
    • Watch03. The Foundation of a Godly Home by Denny Kenaston
    • Watch04. The Eternal Value of a Child by Denny Kenaston
    • Watch05. A vision That Motivates by Denny Kenaston
    • Watch06. A Godly Heritage Today by Denny Kenaston
    • Watch07. Pictures of Promise in the Bible by Denny Kenaston
    • Watch08. More Picture of Promise by Denny Kenaston
    • Watch09. Whole-Hearted Households by Denny Kenaston
    • Watch10. The Key to Obedience is Blessing by Denny Kenaston
    • Watch11 The Hearts of the Fathers Must Turn by Denny Kenaston
    • Watch12 The Rod is Love by Denny Kenaston
    • Watch13 A Sacred Exercise by Denny Kenaston
    • Watch14. The Training of the Will by Denny Kenaston
    • Watch15. The Bondage of Foolishness by Denny Kenaston
    • Watch16. Father The Anointed Teacher by Denny Kenaston
    • Watch17. Train up a Child by Denny Kenaston
    • Watch19. The Mysterious Influences in the Home by Denny Kenaston
    • Watch18. A Quite Ordered Life by Denny Kenaston
    • Watch20. Children A Dwelling Place for God by Denny Kenaston
    • Watch21. Father is a Watchman by Denny Kenaston
    • Watch22. The Hidden Woman (Part 1) by Denny Kenaston
    • Watch23. The Hidden Woman (Part 2) by Denny Kenaston
    • Watch24. Where are the Men by Denny Kenaston
    • Watch25. Fighting Battles For the Next Generation by Denny Kenaston
    • Watch26. Godly Men Have Radiant Wives by Denny Kenaston
    • Watch27. Joining th Next Generation by Denny Kenaston
    • Watch28. The Overtaking Blessing on the Second Generation by Daniel Kenaston
    • Watch29. Youth Anointed Disciples of Jesus by Denny Kenaston
    • Watch30. Housholds on Fire by Denny Kenaston

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