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dgs dhinakaran sermons

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Dr. D.G.S. Dhinakaran Testimony

Gist: My life became a new book. The love, mercy, compassion and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ crushed my hard heart. Surely He will also embrace you, kiss you, wipe away your tears and grant you the desires of your heart.

The month of February is a memorable month to me. On the eleventh of February in the year 1955, when I was twenty years old, I ran towards the rails. A particular express train used to cross near my house at a very great speed. Those who want to commit suicide would throw themselves in front of this train. Their body would be crushed and strewn to pieces.

I failed in my studies, with poverty in my home and the problem of unemployment I also decided that the best thing would be to put an end to my life by throwing myself before the express train. Within a second my life would be gone. With this thought in mind I proceeded towards the path of the rails.

At that time, my uncle, a man of God, named Alex Rathnam who worked in the Police Department met me. He told me, “Son! Two thousand years ago, the Son of God came down to earth in the form of flesh. In order to grant us eternal life He hung on the Cross of Calvary. He has borne all your sorrows, sufferings, failures, diseases, poverty, unemployment problems and every form of affliction just to grant you abundant life. You have a hope in Him. Don’t worry” Immediately in a deep depressive tone amidst tears welling my eyes I asked him, “Uncle! Will I ever get a job? When will the poverty in my family vanish?” He said, “Sure my Son! You will get a job and the poverty in your family will flee.” Then I returned home.

For the first time in my life I knelt before the Lord of lords and prayed for about four hours. I lamented and repented for all my evil and sinful deeds. A divine holiness and perfect peace which passes all understanding which surely this world cannot give filled my soul. Hope was born. I took the Bible in my hand and started reading it. I was amazed at the miracles performed by our Lord Jesus Christ. I cried out saying, “Why should I die? Lord please help me.” Gradually I passed in all my studies. I got a job. The Lord exalted me to the position of the head of a Bank that had 700 branches.

On the other hand the desire to see this loving Lord who is incomparable, face to face increased day by day. I sincerely prayed for seven years and sought Him diligently pleading all the time to see Him face to face. In the year 1962, on the 10th of October when I was twenty-seven years old, while I kept praying along with my family and relatives during a night family prayer the Lord Jesus Christ appeared to me. A very bright light shone around. In the midst of that light I saw the incomparable One. He told me, “I am Jesus. Since you sought Me without ceasing, I have come in person to bless you.” With all my family members and relatives surrounding me, I saw Him face to face for three hours. He further told me, “Son! This world has heard about My love and compassion. But they have not seen this love and compassion work in the life of a man. I am pouring that love and compassion into your heart through the Holy Spirit. Whenever you pray filled with this compassion for the people, I will listen to it.” My life became a new book. The love, mercy, compassion and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ crushed my hard heart. It transformed a selfish man to care for others. It is this love of Christ that urged me to preach about Him. The true indication of a man of God could be none other than to be filled by the incomparable love and compassion of our Lord Jesus Christ. Surely He will embrace you, kiss you, wipe away your tears and grant you the desires of your heart.

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