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Seventh child to a poor famer and stonemason Dwight .L. Moody was born in Northfield of Massachusetts. He had to face several hardships in life because of the financial condition of the family. Instead of schooling he was sent to work where he was given meals three times a day which included cornmeal, milk and porridges. DL Moody was never interested to work like this and hated it. But her mother always sent him back and pursued him to work thinking he is at least getting meal three times a day which will help him survive and the burden will be little less, as his mom had to handle nine children after the death of her husband Edwin.j.Moody. Eventually Moody understood the way of life and accepted the situation, as he grew he started applying for jobs at many places but got rejected due to various reasons. Disheartened Moody got a spark in life when he got a job at his uncle’s shoe store in Boston and so headed and shifted for work there when he was 17. Eventually things changed, it was April month of the year 1855 when Moody got converted in to an Evangelist. He got a kick start to his career as an Evangelist in the year 1856 when he was received by the Church.

As time passed by, he kept growing and he started preaching and gathering people in the form of meetings. It was in 1858, where he established a mission Sunday school at North Market Hall in slum area of Chicago. It soon got recognized as Church where he won the souls of many individuals. Later on things changed and he left business and stopped earning money and dedicated his life towards serving people and God. He believed that “If you really make a man believe him that you love him, you have won him.” He is a preacher, writer and considered one of the best Evangelists of 19th century. He has given a great contribution towards Christianity. provides with all the collection of D.L.Moody sermons which will enrich your life with goodness. Now you can access to all D.L.Moody videos on you tube also. We are one of the best sources of providing everything related to D.l.Moody’s sermons. You can also access both D.l.Moody’s video and audio recording at your convenience, moreover to save on time you can also download D.L.Moody audio and video offline. There are also available in written format for better reference and understanding which you can download as dl moody sermons, sermons by dl moody, dl moody sermons YouTube, dl moody stories, dl moody biography pdf, the life of dl moody, dl moody commentary, dl moody quotes, dl moody books pdf, dl moody testimony, dl moody sermons audio, dl moody sermons for download. D.L.Moody had become one of the greatest Evangelists after facing a lot of hardship in life, to learn from his life there is a biography also written on him which is highly recommended for one to read and enlighten his life towards positivity and correctness.

Why wait? When you can access to everything related to your favorite Evangelist D.L.Moody and enhance yourself with the goodness of his preaching. Happy Listening friends!

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  • dl moody sermons

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