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    • WatchOrigin of fear by Rev Erlo Stegen
    • Watch"Go therefore" Rev Erlo Stegen 20151004, part 4 of 4
    • Watch"Go therefore", Rev EH Stegen, part 2 of 4
    • WatchGo therefore eh stegen 20151004 part3of4
    • Watch"Go therefore", Rev EH Stegen, part 1 of 4
    • Watch"Lying Lips", Prov 12:22
    • Watch"Be stong in the Lord - satan is defeated"
    • Watch"The spirit of anti-christ", by Rev Erlo Stegen
    • WatchThe Spirit Of Antichrist part 2 Eh Stegen 29nov2015
    • WatchGodly marriage, a sermon by Erlo Stegen
    • WatchFollow The Star, Rev Erlo Stegen
    • Watch"Salvation through Christ alone", by Erlo Stegen
    • Watch"Victory through Christ" Col 2:15 - by Rev Erlo Stegen.
    • WatchWhen God Came Down by Erlo Stegen
    • WatchKwaSizabantu
    • WatchAerial view of Kwasizabantu during June 2014 Youth Conference
    • WatchHD Aerial view of Kwasizabantu during June 2014 Youth Conference
    • WatchWHEN GOD COMES DOWN German subtitles deutsch
    • WatchKwasizabantu Paraguay oct 2015
    • WatchDrone footage 12dec 2015

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