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    A day when Jesus was put on cross, the crucifixion of Jesus Christ is called the Good Friday. It is called Good Friday because of different reasons believed by different people. It is said that it is called good because Jesus Christ took all the sins of people and served the people, few say it is called good Friday because this was not the end but beginning of new era with the rebirth of Jesus Christ on Sunday Easter. If there was no Good Friday there would not be Easter and that happiness and enthusiasm would not have existed. It is alternatively called as Holy Friday, Black Friday or the Great Friday. Different set of people have different definitions for this day.

    Usually this day is celebrated by people all over the world. They offer service prayer in the midday around 3 in remembrance of Lord Jesus Christ. Few people also take out some processions, visit church and meet people and offer mass prayers. Usually many countries declare this day as national holiday but it is not universal.

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