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Paul Yonggi Cho life history:

The founder of world’s largest church Yoido full gospel church called Paul (David) Yonggi Cho was born in Southern-Kyung Sam province of Kyo-doeng area. He was born and brought up as a Buddhist and was strict follower of that. His father had failed in election process which led his family in severe financial crisis. To support his family Paul Yonggi Cho was sent to technical skills learning school so that he can immediately start working once done with graduation. He somehow managed working and getting job somewhere. But destiny had some other plans, one day he fell sick and started blood vomit which was later diagnosed as incurable tuberculosis which left him on the death bed with span of just 3 months remaining. He started praying hard and felt helpless. But his thirst to learn more English and gain knowledge did not come to a stop still. He started reading more and more and his passion grew stronger day by day.

One day, his friend’s sister came to see him. She was an adhere follower of Christianity. Her love for Jesus Christ was infinite. She told him all the story of Jesus Christ from his crucifixion on cross to rebirth from the coffin box, how he lived for people and showered unconditional love on everybody. David Yonggi Cho initially did not give much importance to her words but after she came everyday and started reciting the same story which somewhere made him little curious to know exactly what she is telling. She also told that he was the only savior for him. He did not convert himself into Christianity until he saw the girl knelt down and praying for him. That day he promised her and converted himself into Christianity. Later on, she handed over him the Holy Bible and asked him to search answers for all his questions. His faith in Jesus Christ grew stronger and stronger when he read stories about Jesus Christ. On one fine day he met Jesus Christ with vision of light. After that he started writing many books and Christian sermons and is popularly called as Paul Yonggi Cho sermons. Eventually he started preaching everybody on having faith and a fixed goal in life. He wrote many liners also which propaganda on life. He soon recovered from death bed in a span of six months and credited the faith he had in Lord Jesus Christ.

He soon became a great author, preacher and propagator of Jesus Christ and has done miracles in the books called as Yonggi Cho books like “Unleashing the power of faith”, “Holy Spirit my senior partner”

Prayers are usually of two types and according to the Paul Yonggi Cho testimony God taught us how to pray. If you are looking for tabernacle prayer, mountain prayer, meeting prayer and even have a basic query regarding learning how to pray? All the answers to your questions are given by Dr. Paul Yonggi Cho through his sermons, books, messages, meetings, speech and many other sources. You can access all of them here with ChristianPortal.

ChristianPortal wishes everyone a great success and growth in their life’s and this page helps one to grow oneself and understand the purpose of life through the videos of Dr. Paul Yonggi Cho.

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