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Testimony of Sister Preetha Judson

Bro Judson Abraham was born in Tamil Nadu, after finishing graduation he came to Warangal in search of a job and joined the business along with his other two brothers and got married to Preetha in 1988. The business underwent a severe loss and due to financial debt problems he had to flee to Tamil Nadu in the year 1994 along with his family. There in the wilderness, during prayer time, the Lord met him and spoke to him, and Bro.Judson committed his life to serve the Lord. The Lord promised to bless his business and use him in the ministry.Now he is one of the International Evangelist who was chosen by God to Spread the Gospel all around the Globe.

It is a bakery blessed by the Almighty God to Mr. Judson Abraham as a testimony. When Bro.Judson Abraham went through severe financial crisis in a place where he had his business he happened to leave that place and went to his native place Tirunelveli and spent time with God asking to speak with Him in the wilderness. And then he decided to commit suicide as there is no one to support and comfort him. When he was on the way to commit suicide he asked God to speak with Him. Then he happened to have a Personal Encounter with the Almighty God. Then the Almighty Jesus told to Mr. Judson Abraham to go back to the place where he was insulted (where he faced a heavy loss in his business, Warangal, Andhra Pradesh). Then with a great courage he happened to go to Warangal and there he met a person who met him telling that he could start a confectionary business. Thinking that it was the Will of God Bro. Judson Abraham Started preparing Cakes with a small unit and it gradually got increased little by little which helped him recover all his debts and lead him to construct a factory. This testimony has not only impacted the life of Mr. Judson Abraham but also changed the lives of many.

It has been a blessing to millions of people as it is the main source of income to run the ministry. For Almost 12 years, it has helped the GJM Ministry to minister all over the world without any financial crisis. It has helped in the expansion of GJM Ministries not only in India but also in many countries.

Gift of Jesus Ministries is an International Ministries founded by Bro Judson Abraham and Dr. (Mrs). Preetha Judson. Ph.D. Bro Judson Abraham started as an evangelist in the year 1993 and the Ministry was established in 1999. The Divine Vision from God is to reach the Unreached millions with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The ministry operates to give hope to the people, who are sick and troubled with diverse problems and heal the Broken Heart, Soul and Body through its Mission.

To Spread the Gospel to the World Through

  1. Mass crusades
  2. Mass Media and Communication
  3. Conducting Pastor’s Conference every month Second Friday to strengthen the Pastor’s with power and Word of God
  4. Conducting Healing prayer service on second Saturday of every month at Krupa Auditorium
  5. Supporting several Aged Widows financially, every month through our ministry

Bro.Judson Abraham and Sis.Preetha Judson are enabled to do this ministry with love and support of well wishers and the prayers of our “Gift of Jesus Prayer Warriors” group.

Our Vision: To be a part of the great history of saving souls which would be done by reaching out millions of people all over the world helping them receiving Jesus Christ as their savior and prepare them for His second coming. To evangelise people all around the globe for the glory of God. We boast in the Lord to say that millions of people have been introduced to Jesus Christ and have made them the citizens of the Kingdom of God. For the glory of God, we take pride in testifying that God has kept us as an instrument to reach out millions of soul to accept Christ in their life.

To know more about our ministry browse through our website and please feel free to contact us for any need.

Dr. Preetha Judson. Ph.D. dedicated her life to the ministry in the year 1997 and the Lord started to use her since then. Sis. Preetha born in Tamil Nadu and brought up in Bangalore and in Tamil Nadu, and after marriage they settled in Andhra Pradesh, India. The physical and mental agony in her married life drew her closer to God, and as the Psalmist says in Psalms: 119:71″ It was good that I was afflicted”, turned her life to be fruitful to others. Her commitment to the Lord was strengthened.

Bro Judson and Sis. Preetha are loved by all the people around the world, known for their humbleness and as a powerful anointed Man of God and Women of God with wonderful Gifts of the Holy spirit. Many lives are transformed, delivered and edified by their ministry. They are recognised as prophets of God

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