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‘What God Can Do’ – Yorrie Richards

This is a section from the video, about the meetings that Yorrie Richard had at Maesteg Town Hall, where God visited in Revival Power!

From childhood, Yorrie had a chronic stutter, that plagued him all through his schooling. But God was planning a release from this, and a preaching ministry would follow later on.

Yorrie’s life came crashing to a halt when his father died, and he drank heavily. In this DVD, Yorrie tells how through tragic circumstances through his life, God was drawing him ‘like a dog on a long lead — God was winding in the lead!’.

Though the witness of a friend, and through dreams, God drew him to the point of committing himself wholeheartedly to God, in a prayer meeting where they had just been praying for him by name!

God was to lead Yorrie on to hold a series of meetings at the local town hall where God miraculously took away his stutter, and God touched many in Revival Power! This happened again at a prison in Lincoln.

This DVD shows ‘what God can do’ for someone who in the world’s eyes hasn’t got a hope or future.
It shows that God’s power is still the same today!

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